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Vendor journey with us

Our Coverage

We have a huge edge with a direct presence in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Egypt and support our vendor to realize untapped potential in Africa. TFG has the reach to scale vendor’s reach from day one.

C Level Channel Connect

We have local leverage and C-level relationship with key SI’s in the region, we can quickly gain Channel interest & focus, to position the vendor sol in their home accounts to win against the competition.

Business Conference

Lead Generation

TFG headcounts such as BDMs & SE are “customer facing” through partners.                   Our aggressive approach works to negate direct competition engagement in key accounts across the region.

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Dedicated Team and Deferred ROI

TFG shall invest in an exclusive team reporting to the local vendor office. We plow back the revenue from the Middle East to support investment in Africa where returns may take time, and target positive ROI in the second year.

Office Meeting

Capacity Building

TFG is building capacity and investing in two global pools of skills, one in Cairo and the other in Kenya & both have subject matter hands-on technology experts who would best be ideal for turnkey projects.

Job interviews

Strong Financials

Vendor seeks comfort, we have the capacity to pay upfront, invest in demo kits across our branches & also for resellers to boost the business. The same goes for our ability to execute large deals with vendors.

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