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Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Singapore, Group-IB is a leading creator of cybersecurity technologies to investigate, prevent, and fight digital crime. Combating cybercrime is in the company’s DNA, shaping its technological capabilities to defend businesses, citizens, and support law enforcement operations.

Group-IB’s Digital Crime Resistance Centers (DCRCs) are located in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and Asia-Pacific to help critically analyze and promptly mitigate regional and country-specific threats. These mission-critical units help Group-IB strengthen its contribution to global cybercrime prevention and continually expand its threat-hunting capabilities.

Unified Risk Platform

Understands the threat actors targeting your organization and optimizes your defenses against them. With intelligence at its core, Group-IB’s platform effectively prevents breaches, fraud and other cyber threats


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Threat Intelligence

Understand Adversaries 

Group-IB Threat Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into your adversaries. The intelligence can be integrated to maximize the performance of every component of an organization’s security ecosystem.

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Attack Surface Management

Manage your attack surface 

Group-IB Attack Surface Management is an agentless, intelligence-driven SaaS solution designed to discover, assess, and help manage an organization’s attack surface.

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Fraud Protection

Fight Fraud

Group-IB Fraud Protection helps you detect fraud schemes such as social engineering attacks (phishing sites, email scams, etc.), user account fraud, payment fraud, malicious bot activity, web injections, mobile trojans, malware-related and credit frauds, and more.

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Digital Risk Protection

Protect your brand

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection platform is an AI-powered solution that leverages advanced technologies to detect the illegitimate use of logos, trademarks, content, and design layouts across the digital surface in real-time.


Managed XDR

Detects and disrupt attacks

Group-IB Managed XDR works seamlessly across networks, endpoints, and clouds. This integrated approach makes an organization’s security operations more effective than a siloed solution involving multiple discrete products.

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Business Email Protection

Stop email threats

Group-IB Business Email Protection leverages patented technologies and industry-leading threat intelligence to detect, block, and analyze all email-borne attacks, from spam and phishing to malware delivery and BEC attacks.


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